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Monday, April 16, 2012

It all started in Palm Springs

The following is a story of how a single vacation "Morphed" into a "Topless Wives Favorite Resorts"
adventure over the years.    The complete story starts in "Palm Springs"  and follows with  "Is Hedonism really nice."   "Home at last." &  "Behind the barn. " We hope that you will forward "Your Story" to   tplsresorts @ embarqmail.com  so it also can be shared and leave comments every time that you visit....Here is our story.

Several years ago Bobby & I really needed some time away!  "No, Really!!"    After some searching, we found a house to rent by the day in Palm Springs.   It had a huge pool & hot tub, & the entire back yard  was surrounded by an 7' block wall.   (Very Private)   It sounded great and was just down the road! 

We invited our favorite couple to join us & split the cost!    We were all very excited about our weekend in the sun!  I brought my camera equipment to document the event and maybe even get some swimsuit shots!   The extent of wife photography is below and our friends were just annoyed!
So much so that they declined our second invitation the next year....

"You want me to do What!"
The next year was very special.  It was just the two of us and very romantic.  
There were even some Swimsuit shots to show off the results of a year of exercise & gym workouts.
Being very shy & not too confident about herself, Bobby would only go so far and I really didn't want to push.  
Still, I knew what I saw and what the photos would show!

"This feels Stupid!"

She has a "Killer Figure!"   But what she saw in
the mirror wasn't what the rest of the world saw!
I may have been wrong, but I believed it was
my job to help her see herself as everyone else did!

Bobby really didn't "act" like she enjoyed the posing but I saw something in her that said it was OK!

"Can I just get in the Pool Now!"

I did manage to get her to "Wet" her T for a
few shots before we left and I noticed
that she was actually enjoying herself!

"Are you sure I look OK?"


"You look terrific!"

When we left I was soooo looking forward to next year!!

We returned the following year and my girl looked absolutely terrific!      Another year at the gym & the tanning booth proved their worth...  The new  "Brazilian Cut Bikini" didn't hurt the view either!!  
I suggested that "As cool as the new bikini was"... she should put on her white thong so her tan lines would match...  She didn't have any "Tan lines!!"  Still, she jumped up & jogged into the house to look for the thong...

The strange thing about our rental was the surrounding wall. It was so tall that the pool area was in shadow until mid morning!
I'm Hot & I know it...I think!!

I heard the door slide open and turned to see Bobby in her tiny top & thong bottom just strolling around the pool looking for the best sun.  I was already in the pool looking up at her, I grabbed my camera to capture this unusual angle.

Then she did something strange....

She dragged a chair to the east side of the pool, "untied her top" (without any of my urging) and kneeled on the chair to get the fullest effect of the morning sun!

 I guess that she forgotten how self conscious she was last year.   Or that she was exposing herself over the wall towards the neighbor's back yard!!

Ahhh, I'm sure that they're at work.. :-)

As the morning wore on, we were completely enjoying the Sun & the Heat!   Palm Springs is just fantastic!    Bobby was as loose as I've ever seen her...    I thought I'd push my luck and suggest some more photos...   I went into the house for more film and there on the table was an empty bottle of Champagne & half a quart of OJ!    Mimosas!!      That explained her "looseness!"  
Never one to let an opportunity slip through my fingers, I grabbed my flash and said...

"Hey Hon, lets take some pictures, OK?"
"Sure." She said, "Where do you want me?"...... I'm so much the scum bag!

What followed was so unbelievable, I began to feel guilty about pushing my girl so hard!


It was late afternoon and the setting sun really highlighted her  color.
I asked her just to   "Get comfy."  She rested back on her hands as I clicked away.

For the next shot I was looking for a bit more of reverse cleavage...So I suggested that she just untie her top, which would pull her top up a touch...

What Bobby did was a complete surprise...
She snapped the string off so hard that her top landed above her boobs as she cocked her head and said.."Is that what you had in mind?"

I thought she was "Pissed!" but as I lined up the shot I noticed, for the first time, that her nips were as hard as a rock...  She was getting "Turned On!"  She couldn't possibility be cold! It was 110 degrees that day!
I was dumbfounded... Bobby broke me out of my trance by barking

"This is stupid!"

"I was right, I thought, she is Pissed!"

"No-one would sun bath this way...She continued, Why don't I just take it off?"

"OK Hun, if you're good with that."    The top made a small splash as it landed in the pool to my left & floated away.   Bobby took a deep breath and stretched her back, getting ready for the next shot, but I snapped the shutter before she knew it.
I smiled in amazement... My girl is beautiful and Smokin Hot!!  
Finally, she realized it too.

"Yes, I am Hot!!"

While she was topless I asked her to kneel on the chair again so I could shot it from the front.. She was a bit annoyed, but agreed..

Again, I thought she was losing her confidence or sobering up!  Once again I was wrong... She wanted to get back into the pool!

    You're really liking this, aren't you?

She slipped back into the water, with barely a ripple. It was soooo erotic, I had to catch my breath... Then she stood there forever, waiting for the pool to calm. The shot really has a great reflection of a beautiful lady. No loss of confidence now. She has arrived! 

By now the temp was nearing 120!   The sun was setting behind the wall and a glistening Bobby dragged her chair to pear over the west wall to catch the last rays of the day.   The neighbor was home by now and BBQing. I wonder if he noticed?

After a "Really" long night of dancing, flirting, jacuzzing & "other activities" we enjoyed a late breakfast...(more like lunch)
Bobby said "I'm going to the pool, bring your camera!"
That comment resulted in the most popular photo of Bobby ever taken. 



I took a moment to sip my tomato juice, ( I was really hung over), and as I turned I was smacked with a soggy white thong.!!
" I just figured that this would be you next step..."
"I wanted to beat you to the punch" she said  with a grin.. 

She loved that freaking raft!  It was Sunday and though we could hear a lot of activity from the neighbor's yard, we just enjoyed the day.

Bobby never noticed and I never mentioned that there was a little boy (about 10 or 11 years old) in a tree house next door with a pair of binoculars grinning and giving me the "thumbs up"
every time I caught him looking!!

I couldn't help but remember how shy and totally unconfident Bobby was just three short years ago. Now she is "Skinny Dipping!"
As I watched her swim, all I kept hearing in my head was "Whats not to Love!"
Neither of us knew that  we would ever return to Palm Springs.   All we were sure of was we loved each other more than we first thought!    While we didn't know at the time, Bobby's adventures would continue elsewhere in a way neither of us could imagine!
Read "Is Hedo Really Nice?" For or next chapter.  Give us some comments and submit your story/ Pix to   tplsresorts@embarqmail.com for posting.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I never heard of Hedonism, is it nice?

After our Palm Springs visits, I was transferred from California to the Mid-West. Shortly after that, we decided to Marry.
My company graciously allowed for the day after Thanksgiving as their Honeymoon allotment due to the heavy work schedule... Less than a year later, my entire group was let go!

To my wife's sobbing question of "What are we gonna do now!" I answered "Honeymoon!!" 
I've always wanted to visit Jamaica & I knew of the perfect resort!
As we touched down in Mobay she said, "Honey, I never heard of Hedonism...Is it really nice?"
I nodded with a big smile on my face. :-)

Upon arrival the PM rains had flooded the resort entrance with three feet of water, our carefully chosen room was changed & not ready, there was a men's Speedo/thong fashion show on the main stage, lunch had just finished and no snacks were available yet...We were starving,  and my wife was Pissed!!  We fought for the entire afternoon!
Finally in our room but still screaming, there was a heavy knock at the door as wife Bobby was finishing with...    
"There's not even a Fucking TV!" 
The resort manager rolled in a cart with large pieces of cheese cake, assorted cookies, chocolates & a huge bottle of champagne. (Bobby's favorite)

I'm sorry about your rough start today, he said. "I hope this will serve as a token of our apology." Turning to Bobby, he handed her the champagne and added.    "This should wash the terrible taste that your arrival left in your mouth    "and"   there's no Fucking TV  because this is Jamaica!    
Go outside & greet the wonderful day!"    With that, he turned & left....
Our Honeymoon was officially re-booted

Yeah, I could get used to this.

We spent the rest of the day getting acclimated to the resort.   As we neared the border of Prude/Nude beaches, Bobby noticed that the volleyball players were "naked!" She snapped the quickest
"about face" that I have ever witnessed!   There were some toplessness on the Prude side, but at least they had bottoms on.
Later she agreed to a new, high cut, thong one piece but refused to turn around!!
At least  the other guys at the beach got to see her "Backside!"   Wonder if they had cameras?                           

For dinner, she was
Absolutely Stunning!! 

Later, for dancing she looked Delicious!

That's my girl.... 1,800 miles from home and still worried about someone seeing her butt!...... And  later they would  


What started out as the worse day of our lives ended as the most romantic. We danced and played until the sun came up...  Then, breakfast, of course, and a big nap!
So much for day one at Hedo.


Jamaica is absolutely beautiful.  As were the women at the resort.  The "top off" girls out numbered the "top on's" by about a three to one ratio.  Still my girl was really self conscious even with her other "new" thong two piece..  (Note) Do not purchase any clothing at the resort!   Trust me on this!
I suddenly got an idea...The sun was setting & the lighting was perfect, I ran to our room to grab my camera & a Tee shirt!

I had no idea how these shots would come out..
My camera was old style 35mm film...But I knew what I saw through the view finder and it was lovely!

With every shot I would bark "wetter, dunk again."

 I "Know" they're watching...

There's something about a beautiful woman in a wet tee.   There were several topless girls just a few feet away and naked hotties a little further down the beach...  Still our photo shoot drew a small crowd.

I just don't care!
                                                                                               With each shot, I noticed how much Bobby was  
 apparently getting into it.   I saw that glint in
 her eye.  Looking at her though, you would think
 that she was in  "Ice Water!"   The water temp
 was 88 degrees. But, obviously, she was affected! 

 Maybe the guys gathering to watch had
 something to do with that...  I was beginning
 to think that my Palm Springs girl  was
 making a comeback!
It's Dark! You can't see anything...Can you?
That night was "PJ" night.   After another
trip to the Resort's Gift Shop, (Note) See
previous note on Resort Gift $hops..
Bobby surprised me with this number. 
I was shocked that she was wearing it...
She had no idea how transparent it was...
"It will be dark at the Disco.   Won't it?"
she asked.    As we entered, we were floored
as to how bright the bar area was. 
It was like mid day if you were  outside. 
The dance floor was pitch black...
Except for the spot lights that were used
to showcase the "Hot Babes." 
Lastly was the fact of how conservative
Bobby's outfit was in comparison!    We found
a seat in the dance area and I got the refills.
Returning from my second trip, I found
Bobby on the dance floor totally
"Spot Lit"... She offered to make the
rest of the refill trips to the "Day Light" bar
and often was gone for some time.
Long line I suppose.. It was a great
night and tomorrow is the Catamaran!

Weirdest Day of the Trip!
"Crap!" The Catamaran was sold out!!   Still, I was determined to turn Bobby back into a Topless Wife!
After all the positive attention she'd received the evening before, I figured this was my best shot...
I told her we were almost two thousand miles from home ... Who could possibly know us here!
She relented and just seconds after this shot was taken....The bottom fell out of my plan! 

"OK, You're right. No-one will know us here!"
Suddenly, someone called us by name
and asked about our daughters, also by name!
As we turned, we were shocked to see our daughter's 5th grade teacher from our home town's elementary school!
As my wife slowly and as nonchalantly as possible began to slip on her top, she shot me a look that was sooo hard it left a mark...
I still have the scar!

"Double Crap!!" Day Screwed. Vacation Screwed. I'm Screwed!...   However, as luck would have it, we spent another night at the Disco!   Bobby was feeling pretty confident due to the non-stop attention and she was just drunk enough to try a trip to the Nude side!   Besides, it was 4:AM, still dark and no-one would be there at this hour... Would they?   As we approached we heard giggling coming from one of the pools..and splashing!   There we saw, you guessed it, our teacher friend with, (wait for it,) Three guys!!   They were so "busy" that they never even saw us pass... "What happens on the Island, stays on the Island!   Or, at leased, can be used as leverage..  
We laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves...All was good and we already prepaid for the Catamaran trip.
It was going to be a great day....And the Magic would kick in..  (Play the video.)

With the audience that our photo session drew, along with the looks she was getting while beach walking & all the groping an grinding that went on at the Disco, Bobby realized on the Catamaran that she was "Pretty Hot."   Especially for a forty something,  mother of two.  That coupled with the assurance that nothing would travel back home through our "Teacher Friend" Bobby completely lost her inhibitions... She also discovered a love for snorkeling...Topless, of course. 
(note) Bring a water proof camera! 

"It's like being in space, weightless!"
Poetry in motion, fluid...Beautiful.

With her nips looking like bait, she wondered, "Do those fish bite?"
When one of the "Cat's" crew was handing out
flotation devises, he looked at Bobby and said"Oh, I see you  brought your own...
"It was priceless!

There's nothing sexier than being naked while totally relaxed

 The rest of the time we spent on the beach, watching the world go by. as it passed by it usually got a real good look at Bobby. Sometimes she looked back...It was all good.

"Sooooo......How about some photos Bobby, I questioned?" ....... "Sure she said, I know a quiet place just down the beach. In fact you can see it from our room. It's really peaceful, come-on!"

I'm ready for me "Close Up!"

After just two shots I decided I needed a different lens. I ran back to the room & while digging through the bag I looked out and saw Bobby like I've never seen before. Good thing I brought the telephoto lens!

Wonder what she's thinking?
While waiting for my return, she lost herself in a moment of peace, sun, sand & the sound of the lapping Caribbean. I fired off a shot & ran to the first floor landing for the second shot & watched. She was totally engrossed. in the moment.
It was Island Magic.                                                                
Like Heaven on Earth

As I reached the beach level & rounded the building I couldn't find her!   All her things were still at the tree...But no Bobby to be found!   I was more than just a little panicked!   I looked towards the beach and made out the image of someone on the small outcropping that separated Hedo from Couples.    It extended quite aways from the shore & needed my super lens to see, Yes!...  It was her and she appeared to be fine!
Then she did something that I wouldn't have ever expected...She slowly untied & removed her top.
OK, but them she did the same with her bottoms!   Naked on that rocky point for the world to see. Though there was no-one near enough to see, or so I thought.  I had to get closer for a better shot. 

It's so quiet.

As I crept along the sea wall I was startled by a booming " Hey! What you doing Mon?  Leave the pretty lady alone!"    I jumped a foot and inadvertently pushed the shutter at the same time as Bobby snapped her head around.   I turned and was almost face to face with the largest Jamaican I had ever seen!   In one hand he had a coconut and in the other was a huge machete!
"It's OK Jon, Bobby said.   This is my husband..."   "Jon, I answered.   You know this guy?"
"Yeah, Bobby replied,   He watches over me when I come down here to chill..   Jon takes good care of me."  Wow!   I offered Jon a tip, which he refused.   "Watching her is pay enough Mon.   How about buying a hand carved coconut?"   He asked. I bought two!

What are you doing?

The next couple of days were uneventful, except for Bobby's re-discovered love for the camera. 
As we chilled, She would jump when I asked, "how bout so photos?"   Below are just a few that we shot then. 
Everyone should come here at least once in their life!

"Happy Girl!" Two.
One "Happy Girl!"

When I reminded her that just a few days ago she wouldn't remove her top and now she was topless & occasionally "Bottomless" as well... Her reply was............"Let em look!"
And they did.

Several times I caught other guys sneaking photos of her when they thought no-one was watching. But, so what!  The attention along with "The Island Magic" made Bobby feel like the "Hot Girl on Campus!"   In fact I saw the same transition with several other girls during our stay.    Nothing was out of control & everyday was a good day..
Who needs a "Fucking TV!"  This is Jamaica! 

These next two are definitely my favorites.   If anything comes close to portraying the beauty of the
Hedonism II it's the first shot.   While technically still on the grounds, this spot was only a few yards from the road passing the resort.    I could see cars slowing down to catch a glimpse of my lovely wife.   When I said to lose the top, it was off in a flash along with that "Ice Water" look again.
I swear those nips could cut glass!!  

Never in "My Wildest Dreams" would I ever imagine doing this....And Loving it So...

The next photo seemed OK when I shot it, but when it was printed I saw it was the epitome of the resorts slogan. If ever there was a photo that captured the feel of Jamaica.....This is It!

"Wicked for a Week" Ya Mon, definitely No Problem..
Good for the Body, Mind & Spirit!

As I said, the week was winding down.   We took  a couple of Catamaran trips, which I strongly recommend.    Not only are they fun, they are totally romantic, especially the Sunset Cruise.   They are extra and even though Hedo "Is" all inclusive, you owe it to yourself to do it...Several times.   After our 3rd trip to Hedo, we were so tight with the crew that Captain Wally let me pilot the thing for most of the trip to "Ricks Cafe."   I think he just wanted to hang with Bobby!

 I really thought that all my surprises were done and the last couple of days would be mellow. Then, we entered the dinning area for a late lunch only to be blindsided by "This!" 

We were almost run over by one of our "New" acquaintances who was ripping off her bikini top as she hurdled towards the outside shower clutching "Half" of a sleeveless tee shirt.
"Bobby, the "Wet Tee Shirt contest is about to start and I need you to do it with me."  
"Somebody get me a drink!" 
"Me too!!" screamed Bobby.                                            
"You want me to get your tee from the room I asked?"                                                                            
"That tight thing?" She answered.  
"Too hard to get off! Go get the drinks..quick!"
 I ran to the bar, stopped and shouted back...                                                                        
"There's three hundred people in there!"                                                                                                   
"Cool!" She answered!

"Just add water and Insta-Tee, Uh, With sleeves!"

For some reason, no-one cared much for
the "Twenty Something" winner and
gathered to congratulate Bobby....
At least those of us with kids the
winner's age!!  I asked her what she
whispered to the Judges? 
"I told them that if they voted for me I
would reward them at the Disco tonight!"
"I've always wanted to do wet T thing,
but was never bold enough or
Drunk enough!"
Well you're drunk enough now! I said.
"No Shit." she replied, "Lets take a
nap, I've got a lot of dancing to do
"All 30?"  I asked.   "No just those who
voted for me."   "How will you know
who they are?" I questioned.
I'll know when I dance with them!"
She laughed.... "Ohhhhhhhh!
This will be good I said."   "I hope so,
this is our last night!" She grinned


See you at the Disco Tonight..
My Girl was going for the Win!
There were 30 Judges and she sat on every one of them, whispering something into their ear!
She made it to the final round only to get beat out by a 20 year old, professional "Stripper" from Pennsylvania!
Still, not bad for a 40 something, mother of two!She had the time of her life....

(Below is "Little Miss Twenty Something)
There aught to be a law....

Back at the room, I asked her what she was going to wear for the Disco that night?
"Welllllll.... I've got my thong & a belt..."
"What else should I wear?"
"Go to sleep." I answered. This time I was grinning.
That night she wore shorts & a button down,
sleeveless tank top.    She must of danced with
60 guys..."I guess some of them voted twice?"

Each time that she returned from dancing, she
was a bit more disheveled with one less
button, buttoned on her tank. When I asked,
her response was "Payback's a bitch!"
Very funny!   
But I was the one who unbuttoned the last one...
When we danced, outside, in the
moon light, on the shore with the bonn fire
burning behind us.... It was perfect!
Have I mentioned that I love this girl?
Come on, Who wouldn't like a Floating Bar?

The next day, due to a very late return flight Bobby & I were able to enjoy The Floating Bar with a couple of cool, inventive, guys we met the night before.    It was their first day at Hedo and quizzed us all day about what was truth and what was fiction about Hedo.
We told them all that we could.   But mainly, you can have the time of your life just by keeping everything at a happy level.    As the Cat Crew taught us...
Keep it all "Arie Mon" (I hope I spelled that right!) 

Play time's over, The real world is calling.

When the Daily PM storms rolled in it was time to call it a day. But Bobby just strolled to the bar,
Topless and Thonged, like she owned the beach.....Amazing!

"Go pack, Honey... I'll be here when your done, OK?
Just six short days ago, there was the same lounge with the same girl and the same drink.  The top was on (not hanging from the back) and she couldn't imagine that her life would be so different as we prepared to leave The Island.   We learned so much about ourselves & each other.
Want to change things up in your life?   Go to a resort.   Go topless.    Go have the time of your life!!
Play the Video!                                                     


Of all the photos that were taken, the one I like the best is the one that's technical the worse.
It's under exposed, Bobby's wrapped in a big towel, looking like a lump & it's grainy!
It, however, reminds me of how peaceful that moment was.  
We grew so close during that trip that it set the tone for the rest of our time together. 
When people ask me about Hedonism II with questions of Boobs, Butts, Nips and more, I just show them the photo below...
Some of them even "Get It!"

It's Always Beautiful in Jamaica!